Ohio Basketball Club(OH)

Welcome to The Ohio
Basketball Club (OBC)

OBC is one of the most prominent summer AAU youth and high school basketball programs in the country, with roots dating to 1983!

We are dedicated to proper instruction both on and off the court. Our players meet new friends, meet mentors, and consistently take their game to another level. 

OBC has been extremely successful at developing future leaders by raising the bar for dedication, expectations and integrity. Our ultimate goal is to help build a more promising future for your young athletes.

It has been well documented that OBC is the most successful AAU program in Ohio history. You can see examples of this success by checking out the alumni section of our site.  We currently have placed over 250 players on basketball scholarships and have had nearly 30 athletes go on to play professional sports.

We are the only Adidas sponsored AAU program in the state of Ohio. We consistently give our high school players the.

We are the only Adidas sponsored AAU program in the state of Ohio. We consistently give our high school players the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and the top recruiting services in America. It is not uncommon for our high school athletes to play in front of 50 to 100 college coaches in each game during the NCAA live-periods.

We are one of the most respected AAU programs in the country and this is evident by the large number of major college programs that consistently recruit our player’s year-after-year.

Meet OBC

Ohio Basketball Club is the oldest and most successful youth and high school AAU program in the history of Ohio.

We are the only Adidas sponsored team in the state of Ohio.

Our roots date to the 1980’s and we have placed hundreds of players in college on basketball scholarships.

We have had over 30 former players go on to play professional sports.

OBC has an unparalleled record of success in Ohio in helping young player take their game and their leadership skills to the next level!

  • Ohio basketball club plays between 50-70 games from april to september and the kids has plenty of opportunities to showcase there skills and talent in front of college coaches and scouting services. They also have opportunities to travel to several cities and play against of the best talent in the country. 

    O.b.c. Is unquestionably one of the most respected basketball organizations in the state of ohio and country, evident by the large number of major college's that comes year in and year out vigorously attempt to recruit our players.

  • Improving each kids skills on and off  the court. We are respected by several aau programs and college  coaches across the country. 

    O.b.c. Aau summer youth basketball program has great tradition, our alumni reads like a who's who in ohio basketball. Past players include two super bowl participate's orlando pace and london fletchers bothof st. Louis rams, james posey (miami heat), ruben patterson (portland trialblazers), etc.

  • All coaching staff of o.b.c. Has played college basketball and has good knowledge of the game. C.b.c. Also has a scouting service, run aau tournaments, exposure camps and high school summer league. We also have a pro-am team, for former players who attends college or play pro ball. We are a non-profit organization with adidas  america being one of are many sponsor's.

"Anything is possible" We believe in a sports world were every player on a team can gain exposure and receive scholarships. We believe you can have all your basketball needs in one program. We believe you should participate in major events and camps. For all the ballers. We believe we have created the simplest, smartest, fastest exposure package on the market today. We believe it can make your basketball choices wonderful again. Introducing o.b.c. Aau summer basketball program. With a little desire and a lot of hard work, o.b.c. Is making unbelievable things happen everyday. Contact o.b.c. Organization and start making your dream a reality.

Mike Duncan

Event Director

Mike is the all-time leading scorer at Max S. Hayes High School and was a two-time All Ohio selection. He started his college career at Golden Valley Lutheran College before transferring to Oklahoma Wesleyan University where he was an all-conference selection during his junior and senior seasons. Mike scored over 1,500 college points and participated in the NABC senior college All-American Game. In 2002 he was one of the Top 100 basketball players in City of Cleveland history.

Mike is currently the CEO of the Adidas sponsored Ohio Basketball Club, has been involved in AAU basketball since 1985 and has helped produce hundreds of college and professional players.

Mike graduate with a degree in sociology and psychology, with a minor in teaching and has been employed by the Cuyahoga County Board of Mental Retardation since 1985.

OBC History

Joined AAU under Melvin Banchek in 1985.

  • Banchek retired in 1990 to focus on his family and law office
  • Mike Duncan started Cleveland Basketball Club with one team (17/under) team.
  • Coached Cleveland Basketball Club to seven straight 17/under AAU Nationals Championship tournaments, making it to the final four.
  • Adidas Bigtime started in 1995 and Mike coached his 17U team to the "Sweet 16" four times and the elite eight twice.
  • Also, have one final four appearance in the AAU Nationals Senior Division and one 16/under elite 8 AAU National championship appearance.
  • Mike Duncan is on the state committee for the McDonald All-American game, selection committee
  • Mike has been on the selection committee for the prestige Adidas ABCD Camp.
  • Mike Duncan is on the selection committee for Adidas All-American game.
  • Mike individually has relationships with over 300 college coaches on all levels along with several scouting services.
  • Mike has run numerous exposure showcases as well as several NBA summer showcase camps for Free Agents.